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Botanical Name :
Cannabis Sativa Linn
Part Used :
Flowering tops of both male and female
Physiological Actions :
This agent is quite similar to the Cannabis Indica in many particulars. It contains a greater amount of potassium nitrate than does the latter and this has a more positive action upon the urinary organs. The Cannabis Indica contains a greater amount
Therapeutic Use :
Seems to affect espically the urinary, sexual and respiratory organs. It has Characteristics sensation as of dropping water. Great Fatigue as from over-exertion; weary after meals. Choking on swallowing; things go down the wrong way.
Pricing Class :
Description :
Retained with obstinate constipation. Painful urging stitches in urethra.Inflamed sensation,with soreness to touch.Burning while urinating,extending to bladder.Urine scalding with spasmodic closure of sphincter.Gonorrhea,acute stage urethra very sensitive,walks with legs apart.Dragging in testicles.Sexual over excitement.
Dosage :
Cannabis sativa Q 5 drops thrice daily.
Group :
Mother Tincture
Therapeutic Index :
Asthma, Gonorrhea
Strength :
Reference :
EHP and Materia Medica

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