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Happi Liver Syrup (Sugar free)

Happi Liver Syrup (Sugar free)

Restores Liver Function

Indications / Symtoms :
Supportive for acute/chronic inflammation of liver (Hepatitis), liver cirrhosis and toxic liver disease.
Restores function of liver and balances bile production. Guards and soothes hepatocellular membranes. Improves general well-being of liver. Equally effective for jaundice and yellow skin. Helps to normalize the ALT/SGPT level due to fatty liver. Useful in gall stones and spleen complaints. Also relieves in lethargy, drowsiness and inactivity due to liver fats.
Composition :
Chelidonium majus �, Carduus marianus � , Hydrastis canadensis 3DH, Taraxacum 3DH, Solidago virg 3DH, Cinchona succirubra 3DH, Hepatine 4C, Ceanothus Americana 3DH, Mag. Mur 3DH
Excipients = q.s
Dosage :
Children 1 Teaspoon three times a day, Adult 1 Tablespoon three times a day.
Group :

Class NamePackage SizePriceQuantityTotalAction
Syrup 120ml
Rs. 360
Syrup 240ml
Rs. 660

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