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Calcarea Fluorica

Calcarea Fluorica

3x, 6x, 12x

Indications / Symtoms :
Adenoids, Cataract ,Chronic backache. Lumbago on movement, sprains, chronic hereditary Syphilis, osseous growths, aneurism tumours, hardened glands, flatulence felons fissuring, internal or external piles, herpes, inflamed liver, exostoses blood, tumors, loose teeth, inflamed gums, relaxation and sagging of abdominal walls, dwindled breasts, knots in breasts, cracked skin, varicose veins, prolapsus of womb and displacements, haemorrhages etc
Description :
This salt is found in the enamel of the teeth in the surface of the bones, in elastic fibers and in the cells of the epidermis. A disturbance of the equilibrium of the molecules of this salt causes a relaxed condition and a dilatation, interfering with absorption and hence favoring hardening and swelling of the tissues dispersing bony growth, ulcerations of bones, fistulous ulcers, enlarged veins, piles, swollen and hardened glands, tumors, uterine displacement are conditions resulting from such
Dosage :
As prescribed by physician
Group :
Bio-Chemic Tablets and Triturations
Strength :
Reference :

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