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At Kamal Laboratories, we are committed to increase the breadth of knowledge and understanding of the homoeopathy, including the manufacturing of premium quality homoeopathic remedies for different type of diseases and conditions.

Tapping Into the Power of Nature

Homoeopathic medicine manufactured and distributed by Kamal Laboratories comes in a variety of formats for ease of use by patients and practitioners alike. These include homoeopathic solutions, tablets, tissue salts, syrups, eye drops, capsules, ointments and creams.

Working with Nature to Discover New Cures

In addition to our growing understanding and application of natural and homoeopathic remedies, Kamal Laboratories has established a Research and Development council comprised of pharmacists, chemists, botanists, homoeopathic practitioners and marketers.

Feel the Difference that Improves Health

At Kamal Laboratories, we set high requirements to help develop our proprietary manufacturing process. In addition to our expert standards, our quality control measures are always being monitored and upgraded to meet or exceed internal audits.

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Managing Director Kamal Laboratories, Prof. Homoeopathic Doctor Parvez Akhtar Qureshi, is addressing in the Homeopathic Physicians Conference, held at Rawalpindi.

Kamal's Family, 9th Annual Conference Bhurban

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