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Ensuring Better Health for Everyone

Maintaining a Holistic Approach to Better Health

• Award-winning homoeopathic medicinal manufacturing and research company based in Pakistan.
• New research and development departments, as well as training and practical application help Kamal Laboratories discover innovative new approaches to homoeopathic medicine.
• We are the first homoeopathic medicine manufacturing company to be ISO 9001:2000 certified and the first to represent homoeopathic medicine to the Hajj mission.
• Kamal Laboratories is a major homoeopathic medicine donor to crisis centers and clinics throughout Pakistan.
• We help extend the reach of homoeopathic medicine to the disadvantaged and underserved population through the use of free medical camps.
• We use our extensive sales network to provide national support and service to private practitioners, clinics and retail outlets nationwide.
• With 84 patents currently under our control, many services relating to the homoeopathic field are only available through Kamal Laboratories.