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Dyspepsia /Indigestion and its associating symptoms

What is Dyspepsia or indigestion? Generally dyspepsia named with many other synonym symptoms like upset stomach, heart burn, acid stomach, unsettled stomach but mainly it is defined as indigestion. If we go into the meaning of these words than over all it’s the union of symptoms which in last defined as dyspepsia or indigestion as a term? Indigestion or dyspepsia caused by stomach acid coming into contact with mucous membrane of digestive system, it is sensitive protective lining or layer of digestive system. These acids break down in stomach mucous membrane and in consequences causing irritation, inflammation which in last declared indigestion. IN SHORT WORDS INDIGESTION IS CONDITION WHERE STOMACH CAPABILITY OF DIGESTING ANY FOOD AND PASSING TO INTESTINES SUFFERS AND STOMACH NEEDS HELP FOR DIGESTION




Heart Pumps ….. Life runs

Human Heart is wrapped up in pericardium layer, located between the right and left side of the chest cavity. It’s a muscular organ which major function is to pump the blood with the help of circulatory system in whole body. Same time supplies the oxygen along with nutrients to all tissues. It also helps to remove the carbon dioxide from the body.