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The word "Obesity "is derived from Greek words "Ab" meaning excess and "edere" overeating. It is condition in which there is as imbalance between the eating of food and consumption of the food, resulting in increase in weight. Strictly saying obesity is a state in which excess fat accumulates and deposits itself in various part of the body, thus increasing its weight. "OBESITYā€¯ Generalized weight excess due to accumulation of fat beyond 10 to 20 percent of normal range for the particular age, sex and height. It is generally due to excess food intake, often because of psychogenic factors, really to endocrine disturbance and here do familial facts. TYPES OF OBESITY: In short physical state in which excessive fat is stored at various sites in the body. BUFFALO OBESITY: The type of obesity usually seen in Cushing syndrome, confined chiefly to the trunk, face and neck also called adreno cortical obesity. ENDOCRINE OBESITY: That due to dysfunction of the endocrine glands. HYPOTHALAMIC Obesity: The resulting from disturbance of function of appetite regulating centers of Hypothalamus. INCIDENCE AND ETIOLOGY: Ordinary obesity is quite common, especially in middle life, extreme obesity or localized accumulation of body fat the less common and suggest unusual etiologic facts. Although heredity may play a contributory role, three is only one immediate cause of obesity a caloric intake persistently exceeding caloric output. Since the capacity of the body to stored protein and carbohydrate is strictly limited, excess food in any form is converted in to, and stored as a fat. Obesity often is divided in to exogenous and endogenous types.Actually, obesity par- takes dual factors in both exogenous (due to excessive food, absolute or relative) and endogenous (since the caloric imbalance results from a disturbed mechanism, psychological or physiologic) thus even if simple habits of overeating or lack of exercise appear to be the only overt cause. One should search carefully for some abnormal state physical, mental or both that may underline these observations.