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Don't get mad, get relief diabetes

Indications / Symtoms :
For control of diabetes.
Composition :
Acid phos. D3 Ars. brom. D12 Nat.sulph. D6 Uranium nit. D6
Juglans regia. D6 Phaseol nan. D3 Syzygium D3
Description :
Acid phos D3
Severe debility; patient very weak mentally and physically, polyuria especially in night. Impotency with general weakness
Arsenicum brom D12
Skin infections with development of tumors associated with diabetes, emaciation and weakness
Natrum sulf D6
Asthma and liver disease in diabetics, scabies especially in damp weather
Uranium nit D6
Polyuria with inability to retain urine, glycosuria and nephritis. Emaciation and debility, increased appetite
Juglans regia D6
Skin Eruptions
Dosage :
15 to 20 drops before meals, or respect your physician advice
Therapeutic Index :
Diabetes, Glycosuria, Polyuria, Severe debility, Skin Eruptions due to diabetes, Increased appetite due to diabetes, Impotency with general weakness, Inability to retain urine, Skin infections due to diabetes, Asthma in diabetes, Asthma in liver disease, Emaciation and weakness
Literature :

Class NamePackage SizePriceQuantityTotalAction
Drops 20ml
Rs. 70

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