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Indications / Symtoms :
• Sneezing and lachrymation with cold due to all types of allergies like nasal affection , dust , pollution , pollen and common flu.
Composition :
Ambrosia D3 Arsenic alb D6
Kali bich D6 Teucrium D6
Pulsatilla D12 Pollen D12
Description :
Ambrosia D3
Allergic rhinitis, lachrymation and itching of eyelids. Watery coryza, sneezing and nose stooped up; irritation of whole respiratory tract with wheezing coughs
Arsenic alb D6
Burning in eyes with acrid lachrymation, edema around eyes and inflammation. Thin, watery and excoriating discharge from nose and intense sneezing
Kali bich D6
Eyelids inflamed; discharge from eyes is thick, sticky and yellow in color. Loss of sensation of smell; unable to breath through nose due to nasal p
Dosage :
15 to 20 Drops thrice a day, or respect your physician advice
Therapeutic Index :
Pollen Allergy, Sneezing and lachrymation, Nasal affection, Dust allergy, Allergies, Flu
Literature :

Class NamePackage SizePriceQuantityTotalAction
Drops 20ml
Rs. 70

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