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Dilan (Heart Tonic )

Dilan (Heart Tonic )

Life----- Faster,Longer, Stronger....

Indications / Symtoms :
Chest Pain with tightness (Angina Pain)
Decreased exercise tolerance
Weakness of Pulse (Heart Beats)
Easy fatigue (tiredness)
Difficult respiration
Stress with anxiety
Circulatory shock (fainting)
Composition :
Aconite 3x
Arnica 3x
Cactus Ø
Crataegus Ø
Ignatia 30
Moschus 30
Veratrum album 30
Description :
Helps to Relieve unease heart..............Composed of time tested remedies:
Aconite 3x........ Chest pain with tightness (Angina Pain)
Arnica 3x ......... Decreased exercise tolerance
Cactus grand Ø .... Weakness of pulse (Heart Beats)
Crataegus oxy Ø .... Easy fatigue (tiredness)
Ignatia 30 .............. Stress with anxiety
Moschus 30 ........... Circulatory shock (Fainting)
Veratrum alb 30 ..... Difficult respiration
Dosage :
In mild disease: 5 to 10 Drops thrice a day In severe attack: repeat every ten minutes, or respect your physician advice
Group :
Compound (Researched Product Of Kamal Laboratories)
Therapeutic Index :
Angina pain (Chest pain with tightness), Decreased exercise tolerance, Weakness of pulse (Heart Beat), Easy Fatigue (Tiredness), Stress with anxiety, Circulatory Shock (Fainting), Difficult Respiration
Literature :

Class NamePackage SizePriceQuantityTotalAction
Drops 20ml
Rs. 150

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