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KS 2 Cantharis cream

KS 2 Cantharis cream

“A Remedy for Burns”

Indications / Symtoms :
For the relief of first and second degree burns, boils, vesicular eruptions, sunburn, erythema, urticaria and frostbite.
Composition :
Cantharis � = 0.065ml
Calendula � = 0.065ml
Urtica urens � = 0.065ml
Excipients = q.s.
Description :
Cantharis (Spanish Fly) is a homoeopathic remedy used for acute inflammations of mucous membrane and the skin with formation of blisters, gushes in cracks of the body and minor burns. It is most recommended in second degree burns as first aid and permanent relieves as well. In homoeopathic pharmacy, it is prepared directly from Spanish fly and its effects are miraculously well on burns and its complications.
Dosage :
Directions for use: Apply locally. Rub well and gently to the effected part. Discontinue if skin irritation results. For external use only.
Group :
Therapeutic Index :
Bed sores

Class NamePackage SizePriceQuantityTotalAction
Cream 20gm
Rs. 130

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