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Baby Kufzit Linctus

Baby Kufzit Linctus

Soothes and relieves cough, sore throat and cold

Indications / Symtoms :
Helps to relieve following respiratory conditions in children
• Cough due to cold and flu with fever, pneumonia, sore and irritating throat with chest congestion
• Whooping cough
• Expulsion of phlegm
• Breathing problem in asthmatic conditions
Composition :
Each 10ml contains
Amm. carb. 3 (HPUS) = 0.0371ml
Ant sol 6 (HPUS) = 0.0371ml
Bryonia 3 (HPUS) = 0.0371ml
Ipecac 3 (HPUS) = 0.0371ml
Justicea 3 (EHP) = 0.0371ml
Rumex 6 (HPUS) = 0.0371ml
Tm tea. 3 (HPUS) = 0.0371ml
Drosera rot. 6 (HPUS) = 0.0371ml
Excipients = q.s
Dosage :
Children: One teaspoon three time a day after meal Infants: ½ teaspoon three times a day after meal or as directed by the physician Note: Do not drink water till half an hour after taking the medicines

Class NamePackage SizePriceQuantityTotalAction
Syrup 120ml
Rs. 285

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