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Life begins when pain ends

Indications / Symtoms :
An effective combination for spasmodic pain in gastro intestinal tract, headache and other neuralgic pain.
Pains come with sudden attack, exposure to cold & inflammatory conditions.
Composition :
Aconite D3 Belladonna D6 Bryonia D6 Cuprum met. D6
Hepar sulf. D6 Hyoscyamus D6 Ignatia D6 Mag. phos. D3
Description :
Aconite D3
Severe colic in abdomen worse by touch and pain in urinary bladder, rectum and uterus.
Belladonna D6
Spasmodic pain in stomach with constriction; severe distention and swelling in abdomen. Piles with strictures in rectum.
Bryonia D6
Distention and tenderness in abdomen, pain in ovaries on taking a deep inspiration. Colic in abdomen and pelvic region between periods
Hepar sulf D6
Tenderness in region of liver with severe pain and swelling because of enlargement of liver accompan
Dosage :
Severe pain: 15 drops every half an hour Mild pain: 15 drops four times a day, or respect your physician advice
Therapeutic Index :
Spasmodic pain in stomach, Neuralgic pain, Piles with strictures in rectum, Colic in abdomen and pelvic region, Pain in urinary bladder, Pain in rectum, pain in uterus, Distention and tenderness in abdomen, Pain in ovaries
Literature :

Class NamePackage SizePriceQuantityTotalAction
Drops 20ml
Rs. 160

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