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Care for Heart

Indications / Symtoms :
It relieves following heart problem.
Chest pain
Anxiety , fatigue & dizziness, weakness of heart muscles
Normalize irregular heartbeat
Help to recover from after effects of heart attack
Composition :
Arnica 6 Aconite 6
Lachesis 12 Naja 12
Grindelia 6 Crataegus 3
Description :
Arnica 6
Angina, pain extending in left arm; pulse weak and irregular. Pericarditis with difficulty in respiration; fatty degeneration of heart
Aconite 6
Tachycardia with pain in chest; palpitation with anxiety, fainting and numbness of fingers, severe palpitation in temporal and carotid arteries
Lachesis 12
Heart troubles occurring after menopause, anxiety and cyanosis. Arrhythmias very common
Naja 12
Angina with pain extending into left arm, shoulder and neck; pain in forehead and templ
Dosage :
15 to 20 drops thrice a day, or respect your physician advice
Therapeutic Index :
Chest pain, Anxiety , fatigue & dizziness, weakness of heart muscles, Irregular heartbeat, After effects of heart attack, Fainting and numbness of fingers
Literature :

Class NamePackage SizePriceQuantityTotalAction
Drops 20ml
Rs. 160

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