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Calcarea Phosphorica

Calcarea Phosphorica

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Indications / Symtoms :
Tired brain
Tall;large head.
Thin neck, potato-belly.
Albuminous discharges
Cold limbs with crawling and numb sensation
Shifting pains. Worse by cold.
Insufficient circulation of blood
Sweating of the head
Green undigested stool passed with flatus
Skin diseases with albuminous secretions
Cramps and spasms in anemic stage
Composition :
Headache of school girls, headache from tobacco smoke. Polipy ozaena. Goitre diphtheria tonsils consumption difficult teething slow dentition child wants to nurse all the time backache during menses Leucorrhoea rickets glandular diseases defective union of broken bones croup menses suppresses from cold rheumatism of joints from cold anemia vesicles with albuminous contents masturbating tendency tobacco habit imbecility wasting diseases tubercular diarrhea or sweats Epilepsy indigestion bright d
Description :
This salt is found in the blood plasma, bones,gastric juice and saliva it occurs in all cells it and particularly in the central mass of cells it is a tonic and strengthening medicine of the first order hymen body contains an average quantity of 90 ounces of this salt
A deficiency or disturbance of equilibrium of the molecule of this salt will cause the origin of many inflammations even pneumonia inflammation of lungs Defective Nutrition imperfective growth and decay. This is an important r
Dosage :
As prescribed by Physician
Group :
Biochemic Tablets and Triturations
Therapeutic Index :
Cramps, Muscular pain, Bone problems, Joint
Strength :
Reference :

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