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Homoeopathic combinations or complex remedies are being used all over the world where the homeopathic system of medicines is being practiced, has promulgated by their respective regulatory bodies have included and allowed in their pharmacopoeias and regulations. Where as it is mentioned in the aphorism of homeopathy that single remedy if prescribed thoroughly according to laws, gives complete cure to the body.
It is pertinent to say that suffering patient does not bothered about case taking therapeutics about the ailments that he expects of less value, gets relief by taking analgesics or tranquilizers etc.
We also believe on the usage of single remedy.

In view of the aphorism, that the duty of a homeopath is to heal /cure the patient in minimum less time.
Kamal Laboratories has put them selves as a sign of Quality and trend setters on various aspects. No compromise on Quality
Manufacturing complex medicines after years of long clinical experience.
Remedies has become very popular by their fast relieving effects, easy to administer and attractive presentation.
Remedies are cost effective as compare to their relieving effects.
According to needs,desires and to ease, Kamal has introduced these remedies in different groups.
1.Syrups 2.Tonics 3.Drops 4.Tablets 5.Capsules 6.Lotions 7.Sprays 8.Ointments 9.Creams 10.Gels 11.Mother tincture tablets 12. Biochemic combination tablets


Syrup 60ml

Growing is my right

Kamal 21 Tablets (30gm)
Kamal 21 Tablets (30gm)


Infant soother

Baby Kufzit Linctus
Baby Kufzit Linctus

Syrup 120ml

Soothes and relieves cough, sore throat and cold

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